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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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Zombie Plague Event announcement

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Hello Everyone,

I'm, now, announcing a weekly Tag/Cannibal event in Zombie Plague, this event will take place in Sundays' afternoons only (GMT time).

Title: The time has begun !!! / The time has come !!! .

Description, Rules & awards:

-This gameplay is about one map with rounds of either: Tag mode or Cannibal mode (not both, not mixed). 

-The maps chosen are "zm_ls_biohazard_base_v2" & "zm_ls_colors", till another map will be created specially for this event.

-Limiting FPS is not necessary, but camping and teaming are not allowed !

-Each winner gets 2500 AP.

-A player who wins 2 times or more, will still get 2500AP

-A player who wins 4 times or more, will be given free VIP access for one month.

-If 2 players win 4 rounds in one gameplay (Player A wins 4 rounds than player B wins 4 rounds) only player A gets the free VIP gift, because he won first.

Note: This event is not yet fixed, it will be modified soon.

@Co-Owner @Staff @Server Manager @Demo Reviewer @Trial Demo Reviewer @Head Admin @Server Admin @Trial Admin @Donator @ Members





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