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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!

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Welcome to HideNSeek Mode where the Counter-Terrorists(CTs) are on a chasing mission against the Terrorists(T) whose Objective is to escape from the CTs at all times.


Main HNS Rules : 

1-Any type of insulting/spamming is NOT allowed on mic such as Flood , screaming ,  sexism , harming and racism.
2-Any type of advertising on the server is NOT allowed.( Servers, Websites)
3-Using map exploits/glitches/bugs as Abusing is NOT allowed.(you must report it)
4-Ghosting is NOT allowed during the round(snitching on positions of Ts and CTs)
5-Teaming is NOT allowed.
6-Any form of cheating/hacking/scripting is NOT allowed.


Objectives : 

1-Hiding or camping is NOT allowed.
2-Terrorists are NOT allowed to help the CTs in any way.
3-Terrorists are NOT allowed to block any entrances such as Teleports and Bhopping blocks.
4-Terrorists MUST keep on escaping from the CTs in either one of the two ways , first by manipulating/tricking them  OR by achieving the weapon blocks to eliminate the CTs.



1-CTs MUST keep on chasing the Terrorist at all times/costs.
2-CTs are NOT allowed to help the Terrorists in any way.(boosting them etc..)
3-CTs are supposed to TRY following during bhopping on the blocks and are NOT allowed to wait for the Terrorists to fall down unless it is a Teleport.








Regards , Jihad.






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