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Hello Lost Souls!
We're back today announcing new promotions, we never felt less surprised or proud by our Team's Efforts and for that reason, We're announcing mass amount of promotions.
Welcome our dearest members to their new Ranks!
@frostyy as the new Jailbreak Server Manager, he'll be working under @FrozeN's supervision.
He's one of the kindest and most suitable people for this role, you guys probably already met him and had a liking, good luck on your new position bro, keep it up.
@Mr Manubas Zombie Invasion's Server Manager, he'll be working under Zi's Staff team, @Kuroku and @Dissension
You never fail  to amaze us, even though you're under the pressure of your life, you still do an amazing job as a Demo Reviewer, we've decided to promote you as an appreciation for your efforts. You may continue your work as a Demo Reviewer whilst being a ServerManagers.
Good luck and welcome to the Yellow team.
@SookMiniLuxas Zombie Plague's Server Manager, He'll be working under @Vers's and @Kuroku's  Supervision, He's been supporting LS financially, keep it up brother, your support keeps LS alive, and good luck on your new role.
@Jinwoo As Zombie Plague's HeadAdmin, He'll be working under ZP's ServerManagers' and Staff Team's Supervision, along side Guiding new admins, helping them and making sure they make no mistakes during their trial.
You have put so much effort into LS so far, and it's been a long time, keep it up and expect a newer promotion brother.
@WraithAs Zombie Plague's HeadAdmin aswell, he'll be working alongside Jinwoo under managers' supervision, managing new admins and guiding them through it. 
You make really good maps, and you supported LS with your activity for a long time now, I have no doubts <3

@AdamAs Zombie Escape's HeadAdmin, He'll be working under Zombie Escape's ServerManagers' and Staff's Supervision.
You never fail to amaze me bro, you always have ideas and ambitions to further develop LS and keep them enjoyable, keep it up bro, expect further promotion <3
@capalotas Zombie Invasion's HeadAdmins, He'll be working under Zombie Invasion's ServerManagers' and Staff's Supervision.
You've been around for a long time bro, your activity is challenging and your maturity has grown since you joined, expect further promotions if you keep it up, never stop improving your self, looking forward to teaching you more about servers <3

Our Team never fails to amaze us, we've no doubts promoting you all at once, we're proud of our team's efforts into keeping LS a great community.
We're strong for having such team, those who did not get promoted yet and felt left behind, don't worry, we've not forgotten you :)
Keep up the good work and expect nothing less than hitting higher and higher ranks!

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For Questions/Reports PM me on discord

Lost Souls Management.


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Congratulations to all of you brothers, thank you for the work you have been doing in Ls to improve the community. 

In the same way I will be supporting the community by creating new maps and keeping the servers clean.

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  • Co-Owner

Ty everyone, ill try my best 

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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Congratz to all the gays. And sorry for the noobs who will be going under my hardship :P:7837_laughing_jew:

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Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."




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Good job guys. You all deserve it! I'm happy to see all of you grow! 

Higher rank means higher responsibilities. Looking forward to work with all of you.

GL! <3


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