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Hello Everyone!

Greetings Lost Souls members,today we will have a small announcement

Today i come to promote a person who has worked hard in the community, and who has stayed here despite the problems we have faced all this time.


Let's congratulate @Armando for obtaining the position of STAFF, in which he will be working as Staff of our community  (The servers that he will take care of will be assigned later).

We also congratulate @Nuage who has been promoted, and will be working as Server Manager of the ZE server.


I have decided to make this promotion to both of them, because their activity on the servers is impressive, they are one of the few people who have dedicated effort to the community, they are the clear image that you can go far if you make an effort. Since I've been here, I have seen few people with the same determination on the servers that these guys have.

I know that you will both do things right and keep the servers clean.

Congratulations on your new rank guys, and good luck!




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wowowo definitely thank you very much, I will continue to do my best so that ze and all our servers continue to work and improve

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Wow ~

Seriously, Nuage and Armando they both deserved this rank, very nice to me and help me a lot. They will keep this community very well.

Love u guys


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Congrats@Nuageand @Armando :9476_christianbale:now come ZE so I can kill you noobs 

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Couldnt feel more excited and honored of being staff in the best community ever. 
Thanks to everyone who helped me and believed in me. ?

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