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Being a little less harsh on spectators..

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I have had an admin report over supposed cheating tactics used by an admin using AMXX. It it going to inevitably get closed and put into the denied section for insufficient proof. It if very unfortunate I am going to be unable to get the punishments served, but I am here to help fix this problem. Spectator are encouraged to join or get a kick. This kick usually happens shortly after the join warning. This harsh "encouragement" leaves recording demos with the upmost difficultly. I would go as far to say that playing WITH an annoying cheater/rule breaker be more entertaining. Especially with some staff FAILING to administrate with their rank. Some playing as if they were only a VIP. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Add an AFK timer for actual AFK spectators using up slots. (Use keyboard detection and a text center-hud of the player saying "AFK. Use keyboard to leave timer." with a 30 second counter.)
  2. I have not a clue if amx_pm is a command accessed by any rank, but it should. Admins should ask all spectators to join. Any player seeing a problem with this (i.e recording blocking, subtle hacking, or scripts) then the player should use PM the admin this information.
  3. No admin should have to spam csay. There needs to be an approximate 10 seconds between join warnings for 3 uses, the uses will include any players noticeably sticking around in spectator.. If the player should rejoin spec during the rest of the map time, it is clear they don't need to be on the server at that time.
  4. If there are more than 1 admin and a certain admin is abusing, don't inform that abuser you are recording. Inform any other admin, and the admins will give you access through the admin chat.
  5. If there is a noticeably correlation between you trying to catch an admin abuser and you ask another admin whereas the abuser stops, leave and change your name as a backup plan. If the same thing happens at the minimum of 4 times, you should submit EVIDENCE to the forums as suspicious activity and corrupt administration. The more proof of this happening, the better it will look for you.
  6. You should have a time limit in spec with an excuse. (Time allotted up to administration upon acceptance of post) If an admin kicks you with you PMING WITH A ---VALID---- reason, the admin should be warned.

If you have any other suggestions with the same theme as this one, submit your idea in the comments to save forum posting space or wait until this topic is closed as to prevent spam. Let me know what you think. (Silly me forgot how to add a poll. Comment ideas you like and ones you don't and why.)

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