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A Suggestion for Reporting!

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I will report anyone as much as I can. If you cheat in this dinosaur-of-a-game, then you deserve to be banned permanently. However, I'm forgetful. If I'm forgetful, then most likely other individuals playing the server are also forgetful or have no idea how to properly set a recording for a demo active. So I suggest the following:

  1. Mess with some settings for the server that will cause players to record a demo at the very start of a map until the end, or right when they join and, again, to the end of that map. I suggest that the files are named like this: "LS-Server-Demo.dem"
  2. I also suggest that when the player joins and finally spawns, a message is sent in the chat for that player only to see that states: "You are now recording a demo." or something similar, to inform the player that it is being taken care of for you.
  3. If players submit the entire demo, try to be a buddy and give a friendly reminder to only use the whole demo in an emergency. Try recording your own demo by typing "record -texthere-" and typing "stop" in the console when you think you have sufficient evidence.

I understand that Aristotle has tried to clear up demo recording, but to help minimize damage as much as possible, demos should be recorded the moment the player join until the end of the map where it is then saved in that player's files. Additionally, not everyone is signed up on the forums. In case they need to sign up to report, it would help keep hard evidence safe.

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