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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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Video Recording & Editing Softwares

Fred Jones

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Hello -L|S- YouTubers team! 

So a lot of people ask me, that what you use to record and edit videos, so I suggested to make a topic on Recording & Editing software(s). 

So, let's start with Recording Software(s). 

Recording Software(s) :-

1 • Nvidia GeForce Experience :-

Nvidia GeForce Experience is the best recorder to record your videos, performance is very good, and quality of videos is 720p. You can Live-stream your videos on YouTube with this software for free. You can change settings of quality by pressing ALT + Z key if you installed this software. It records video in Ultra 4k HD quality, if you stream in YouTube with this software, there will be some requirements of your WiFi, otherwise your stream will be stopped. Better than Bandicam and other Software(s). Nowadays, everyone is using GeForce Experience including me,@Elor, @Talk. and other YouTubers.

Click here to download. You need Graphic Card of Nvidia GeForce to install this Driver, must read the PC requirements before installing it.

2 • Action Recorder :-

Action recorder is made for recording high graphic games in highly-extreme quality and smooth quality. It's best for recording and it takes low CPU usage ( Your PC will not be hanged. ) You can stream your videos in YouTube with this software as well same like Nvidia GeForce Experience. Videos in this software can be recorded up to 120 FPS. After installing it, open up the game, and open the Action Recorder, and select the game and then start recording your video.

Click here to download. You must read the requirements before installing it. This software is little good than Nvidia GeForce. It's also good software to record Counter-Strike 1.6 videos. 

These 2 Software(s) are good for recording videos of CS 1.6. 

Now, let's head to Video Editing Software(s).

Video Editing Software(s) :-

1 • Wondershare Filmora 9 :-

A best and easy video editing software, I'm currently using this software to edit my videos, it's good software to edit videos, after editing, you can export it to .mkv, and .mp4 formats, you can customize the quality of video in the exporting tab, easy cropping, cutting, adding titles, slow motion, subtitles and logo(s), like in my videos, I added LS Logo with forum link, it's easy software to edit and after export, it's 100% smooth ( 60 FPS ) 4k quality.  I suggest this software to edit every video of game, when your video is exported, the size of video is reduced. You can add effects in your video with this software, it's good software.

If you have windows, download windows version: Wondershare Filmora 9 Windows Version 

If you have mac, download mac version: Wondershare Filmora 9 Mac Version

You must read the PC requirements before installing!

2 • Adobe Premiere Pro :-

Adobe Premiere Pro is also a good video editing software, but you will need to learn about it to edit your videos, it's best for editing, you can make custom text with custom effects, you can make your own effects, using this software for editing your videos is good, but Adobe Premiere Pro is hard to edit the videos, exporting your video is easy from this software, but you will need to practice to edit your videos. It's good software too if you want to edit your video in a good way, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. 

You can Download it from here: Adobe Premiere Pro

You must read the PC requirements before installing!

3 • Vegas Pro 17  :-

Sony Vegas Pro 17 is the best editing program available for professional video and audio editing. It can be used for editing game videos in smooth and 4k Ultra HD quality, professional slow motion, fast export and nested timeline. It's a paid editing software, but you can get it for free, there are a lot of videos of Vegas Pro 17 in YouTube, you can watch there about how to get Vegas pro 17 for free. It's a good video editing software, you can make subtitles, text, effects yourself, a simple editing is good, this software is best for editing.

Watch this video to get this software for free. You must read the PC requirements before installing!

These 3 software(s) are best for editing, if you guys need anything, PM me here or contact me in discord. There are a lot of video editing and recording software(s), but these programs are good for it.

So, if any YouTuber doesn't know any good video editing or recording software, just check this topic! :)


YouTubers Team.








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Thanks for your guidance. 

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Make sure you kill all the zombies.

Peace out.








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