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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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How to reduce PC lag and improve performance

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1) Press "Windows key + R" button, and type "%temp%"


2) Temp folder will be open and you may delete all the files inside it 


3) Next, press "Windows key + R" button and type "temp", a folder will open and you may delete all the files inside it



1) Press "Windows key + R" button and type "prefetch", and the folder will open but it requires adminstrator permission, after you allow it, you may delete all the files inside it


After you've done the methods above, your PC may run more smoothly.

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Are you sure its bot some scheme or snth lol

Make sure you kill all the zombies.


Peace out.







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lol,idk but it works on me, xd

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to a high-end pc , maybe  it make a tiny differences, but for a low-end pc, it improve performance tho 

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If u are using an laptop , and after months its start to get laggy and noisy , buy an thermal paste its really cheap  and its really affects , however it worked for me and its only 2$ so why not ?

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From personal experience, i'd suggest re-installing windows (wiping all files) every 6-12 months. 

*If you had anything malicious i.e bitcoin miners, bloatware or any other malware, you'll get rid of it 99.9% of the time. These slow a computer down ALOT.
(Sometimes you might have to do a complete wipe since bitcoin miners are getting more complicated)

*More space to do stuff and it's all clean.

* If you have important stuff, then u might have to paste them to your external drive (USB or separate hard drive/SSD

* Have to reinstall all the programs/games ect.

If you are using windows, then you most likely don't need an antivirus program, because Windows Defender and it's cloud has gotten so much better.
You won't get any viruses, if you won't press on every download button in existence. Act wisely, and you'll be fine.


What i do suggest to people is scanning the disk with Malwarebytes every now and then.

I don't use Mozilla nor Chrome, since youtube lags there on my computer and overall just bad experience.
This kind of PC should handle that easily, but they are such huge memory hogs.

So i use Brave

In the end of the day, you choose your own comfortable applications.

These are just my suggestions.

Tbh windows itself is a memory hog aswell, i'm idling and it's using 4.8GB ram, like how?

SomeOrdinaryGamers stated in his video bout him having 32GB ram and idling, what is PC doing? 6GB RAM WHILE IDLING. WHY?


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