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How To Do A 360 Move


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A Tutorial On How To Do A 360 Move.

First of all this trick is not guaranteed called as "360 Move", Nobody knows what is it called and comes unknown. The purpose of this is only for a game mode called "35hp" This trick is too do a strafe wherein no keys are used to move, this leads to an advantage when killing someone because they will have a false thought. When it comes to other game modes there is no necessity of it, Its just for Tricks. But I want to show you since this is rare for everyone, and most of you doesn't know this trick.



First of all what you want to do is to either bind the key or go to the setting and modify it Here are the binds:


First Example:



Second Example:


Once you Have did any of those two follow this steps:

1st: Make sure you are aren't holding any keys but your mouse and the bind

2nd: Move forward and jump Hold/Press the bind and move your mouse like a circle.

3rd: Once you have done that continue the process by bhopping and so on....




GL&HF, Good Luck & Have Fun

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