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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!

Basic AMXX Commands For All Administrators [ZP]


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Basic AMXX Chat Commands To Know From New To Misconstrue

Lost-Souls Administrators.

First of all If you want the manual type in console "amx_help" for guide, if you want to see the menu for that type in console "amxmodmenu", if you want to bind it here is the command "bind <key> "amxmodmenu", as soon as you master these ones you can do the commands manually in the console. Here are some fundamental commands to use in servers.

1. amx_tsay / @<message>

This is to send a message in the Left Head Up Display [HUD]:


Here is the Command:

amx_tsay <message>

@ <message>


If you want a Colored Text, Add This:

amx_tsay <Full Color Name> <Message> Ex: amx_tsay Blue Test

@<First Letter Of The Color Name> <Message> Ex: @r Test, Note: "R" is Red please refer on the explanation.


2. amx_csay

Please refer on the First Instruction, Note: @<message> is not applicable; This time it will send on the Center Head Up Display [HUD].


3. amx_psay

This is to send a Private Message to a User/Player in the server.

amx_psay <username> <message>

Note: Just name half of the player's name, otherwise some of the letters of the Player's name will be added to the message


4. amx_say

Sends a message to all players in normal chat:

amx_say <message>,


Note: You can bind this through...

bind <key> <messagemode amx_say>


5. Admin Chat

This is to privately Chat with Admins, nothing else

say_team:@<Message> Note: Players below Administration will not work, But it will only give a message to a Administrator then the Admin will amx_psay He/She so she could ask/tell.








Sooner on Management Command's





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amx_forcejump? and unforcejump.?


There are not many AMX commands here. I recommend you edit it

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Hey [uSER=72]CareLess[/uSER] ​​​​​​, This is for chat Commands only, sooner on the others

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Discord: Adam Kibutsuji#4746


If you have any problem/issue 

Just Pm me on Forum! or Discord!

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