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The biggest admin tutorial


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hi guys 

this is some tutorials for new admins

lets start

the best and fastest way to open amxmodmenu is bind it with a key exmple :

bind "key" "amxmodmenu"

--------------------amx_slap menu----------------

first open 'amxmodmenu"

then press num 4


then press num 8 to switch slap damage (0/5 ... damamge)


____________amx_slay menu________________________

1-open "amxmodmenu"

2-press num 4

3-just press num 8 to switch to slay




1-open "amxmodmenu"

2-press num 2


then choose player name


----------------amx_ban ----------------------

1-open "amxmodmenu"

2-choose num 3


then choose the player name

__________________ban reason__________

when u choose the player name you will see the ban reason just choose the ban reason

and if you didnt found the reason in the first page

just press num 9 to switch to the next page

first page 


switch page by pressing 9


press num 8 to go back to the first page



----------------------------how to bind (zombies try or slay/kick/ban)---------------------

thats rlly easy just go to console and type 

bind "key" "say @@zombies try or slay/kick/ban

this bind is for show zombies try in the middle of the screen

or just u can press chat (y) then type @@your message

exemple : @@next round mod

@@join us @lsgamerz.net

and it will show in the middle of the screen

-if u want to show the words in the left of the screen

just delete 1 @

exemple : @hello every one

@welcome to lsgamerz server

and it will show in the left or the screen


thx for ur attention

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1 minute ago, CSGOJunkie said:

Good tutorial, might wanna put it on admin private section :)

I DONt think any staff saw this

becuz they didnt move it to admins privet section

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This is actually really considerate of you. Great job!

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Hi @ victormovies first enter the server then type /redeem in normal chat and press enter:



After that it will ask you for your code, put it in and enter again:



That's all. Remember you must repeat this operation on each map.

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somewhy i did read this without any kind of admin access

g҉҉o҉҉t҉҉t҉҉a҉҉ ҉҉b҉҉e҉҉ ҉҉t҉h҉҉e҉҉ ҉҉b҉҉e҉҉s҉҉t҉҉ ҉҉o҉҉n҉҉e҉҉ ҉҉o҉҉f҉҉ ҉҉u҉҉s҉҉     

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