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Zombie Escape Rules

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1) It is prohibited to use any type of external programs, in terms of hacks/scripts, etc. 

2) Its not allowed to say any kind of insult, discrimination or threat towards any user/admin. (This could be sanctioned with a ban of 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours if necessary.)

3) Prohibited to stay AFK. First you will be given a warning, in case you keep doing it you will be kicked.

4) Prohibited to play music or make noises through the mic that annoy the other players.

5) Prohibited to abuse the mic (make continuous use of it).

6) Prohibited the use of offensive names/nick.

7) Prohibited any type of bug in the map, in case this happens 2 slaps will be given and slayed if the player keeps doing it. (If this action continues to happen on other maps, the last action will be a ban of 30 minutes or 1 hour if necessary).

8 ) Do not camp (except in escape areas). In case you do this you will be given a slay/kick, if it keeps happening then a ban of 30 minutes.

9) Humans must not stay in unreachable places for the zombies. you will be given a warning of 2 slaps and if you decide not to move then you will be slayed.

10) Do not bug/block the Escape Vehicle.

11) It is completely prohibited to retry, in case you are the first zombie and decide to do so you will be kicked or banned for 30 minutes if necessary.

12) Prohibited to let yourself get killed in order to let the other party gain AmmoPacks or any other kind of currency. (Same goes for stats). In case this happen both players will be banned for 30 minutes.

13) Cooperation between Zombies and Humans to escape is prohibited. This can be sanctioned with a warning ban (30 minutes or 1 hour if you keep doing it)

14) Comply with the server theme.

  • Humans: Must escape from the zombies and COOPERATE between them (prohibited to break tables, close doors, etc to other humans).
  • Zombies: Must infect humans.

15) It is prohibited to use techniques such as bhop, sgs, gs. This can cause a ban of 1 to 5 hours depending on the severity of your actions.




1) Do not insult/threaten others. As an admin you should use a courteous and friendly language towards others either a player or another admin. (This can lead to a serious penalty)

2) Do not abuse commands like amx_slap/slay/ kick.

3) Do not ban for fun or without a clear reason. (In case this happens the Admin will be removed).

4) Do not abuse the Admin say, that includes amx_tsay/psay, etc. only use it if necessary.

5) To make a map change, you must wait until there's 15 minutes left or less. (Use timeleft to check)

  • Example: amx_vote "Change map?" Yes No

6) Prohibited to use the privileges of admin to obtain an advantage in the game over other players.

7) Do not believe yourself superior by the rank obtained towards the rest of users.

8 ) Before giving a ban the corresponding Admin must take a demo as proof of the fault committed by the user.

9) Admins must make a previous vote before creating a mode on the server.

10) Admins must wait 2 rounds for each created mode.

11) It is Prohibited for Admins to create a mode in the first minutes of the map. (First Round).

12) Admins are not allowed to use transparent/ invisible glow or set glow on normal players.

13) Admins are not allowed to respawn dead players when on last survivor.

14) Admins are not allowed to stay AFK in spectator when the server is FULL unless spectating hacker.


The following applies to any Admin regardless of their rank:

1) You can set glow on another admin if the other "agrees".

2) Must use the ban as a last resource, first warn and use slap/slay/kick, unless its a known rule breaker.

3) Must avoid using csay/tsay as a chat or to say things that are not important.

4) If a player evade a temporary ban tell a Staff+, don't ban for "Ban Evader".

5) Please enforce English in mic only, free to type any language.

6) If there is a ban evader and they keep on coming back after they've been banned 3 times (No more than 3!! If more, there will be punishment.), then don't ban them. Abuse and make it impossible for them to play.

7) If a player is using any sort of scripts, then ban for one week as a warning ban. If they come back after the week and they continue hacking then you can ban them permanently for evasion.


Note: Breaking any rules written here will lead to a punishment.




Staff Management.

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