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~Pay Attention Admins~ Neutral Opinions

Guest Amenadiel

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Guest Amenadiel

Hello Admin-Team!

We've got to discuss an important matter which've occured in the last few days. Please pay deep attention to it. Thank you.


-I think all of you has lost the meaning of giving "#Neutral" vouches for applying Members.


-Please, if you give negative disclaimer of opinions on applications, then please don't stick with "#Neutral" , instead, use or write or say "#No Vouch".

-I  understand that because of the past experiences and knowledges and relationships between those members and you guys have not faded away, I am really happy to see that, but still.. If something has changed,

then please, don't be shy nor scared or afraid and don't hesitate to say No. I do not see the point of keeping those applications on hold, just because you guys are friends, but the person didn't met the requirements, and has false hope of becoming an Admin here.

Thank you.

(It of course doesn't mean, that we don't allow the usage of giving Neutral opinions on applications, it's just pretty much unacceptable that on an application, out of 5 Admin, 5 sticks with Neutral.)

Try to reconsider this message, before giving an opinion about someone in an application next time, otherwise, there may be consequences taken in consideration.


 Appreciate you guys a lot!


@ZP TEAM@ZE TEAM@Trial Admin@Admin@Senior Admin@Server Manager@Staff@Supervisor

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