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Suggestion Add Anti-Cheat/Hack

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What this plugin can do  :-
  • Detects Auto Aim
  • Detects Aimhack
  • Locks some Aimhacks
  • Detects Speedkill
  • Detects speedhack
  • Checks for illegal game thread
  • Checks some game-files
  • Detects Hacks based on  cheat names
  • Detects fast name change
  • Detects short name
  • Detects illegal symbol in name
  • Detects Spin-hack
  • Detects Hacks based on  cheat messages
  • Detects Lag Scripts
  • Detects Cheat keys pressing
  • Checks for Cheat alias
  • Forces CVAR Value
  • Prevents some crash attempts
  • Has robust client file checker
  • Detects protector
  • Blocks wallhack (v7 & v8 series only)
  • Old hack crasher
  • Has automatic Ban detection
  • Has custom ban feature
  • link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/0i6o5djmunc7e15/TP-ACv9.0.rar/file

TimePass AC WebSite 


 CSF AntiCheat 

It can detect
  • Fast Fire
  • Speed Hack
  • Spin Hack
  • CDHack [Cheating Death Hack]
  • Fighter FXName Spam
  • Bunny Hop Script
  • Cheat Say
  • Cheat Names
  • Cheat List
  • EcstaticCheat
  • TeKillaMicCheat
  • AlphaCheat
  • PimP
  • LCD
  • Chapman

Additional features :
  • Cvar Guard
  • Zone Guard
  • Flash Bug Guard
  • Files Check
  • Anti-Cheat Key
  • Anti-Silent Plant
  • Anti-Silent Run aka Double Duck
  • Anti-Fast Pistol Shots
  • Wallhack block
  • You can specify your own punishment
  • Can load the log in MySql database

Installation Instruction

1) Open the location where you have installed HLDS
2) Now there you will file two folder named cstrike and valve. Copy the files exactly the same place as they are in the attachment.
After that enable the plugin bu putting csf_anticheat.amxx entry into the file
 Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/z7b2goz8a54m72f/CSF_By_%40%40Bad_Man%40%40.zip/file
Anti-Crash (Fixed Auto Buy Lag Script)
LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/file/9m32p88l35ibngu/anti_crash_with_log%28using_autobuy%29_By_%40%40Bad_Man%40%40.rar/file

Hack Hunter
Description :-
  • This plugin,like title says,is a ultimate anti-cheat.
  • Can be considered better than "HlGuard", and other anti-cheats, and is maded only with    AmxModX.
  •  Plugin had his own config, log file.
  • Detected players can be punished by: Announce, Kick, Ban. (with log)
  • Can ignore detected admins, with specified flags.
  • Own advertising.
  •  Secure detection.
Plugin detects:
  •  RapidFire
  •  SpinHack
  •  SpeedHack(SpeedHack secure for KZ servers) Aim Shake
  •  Low Recoil
  •  Aimbot
  •  Double Attack
  •  WallHack
  •  FastName change
  •  Name Symbols(Detect specified symbols from name)
  •  Bhop (Detect and block)
  •  Left/Right keys(Detect and block)
  •  Flash Bug(Detect and remove flashes from specified map zones)
  •  Check IPs (Detect and block, specified IPs from file(hackhunter/hackhunter_ips.ini))
Check hackhunter_settings.cfg for settings.

! "hackhunter" folder from archive must be copyed to amxmodx/ dir.
! "fakemeta_util.inc" file must be copyed to amxmodx/scripting/include dir. (Only if you need to edit the plugin.)
! "hack_hunter.txt" file must be copyed in amxmodx/data/lang, is the language file of plugin.
! "hackhunter" folder from sound/ dir. from archive must be copyed to sound/ dir. from you'r server.
! Do not modify this plugin, if you want to work perfectly.
! Check hackhunter_settings.cfg for more details and settings.

#define ADMIN_IGNORE_FLAG ADMIN_BAN //If setting Ignore_Admins is 1, then admins with this flag will not pe punished, but will be logged.
 Sakura's Anticheat
Plugin detects :-

HL Guard
Its a highly tuned up version of HLGuard . Its almost 10 times more powerful than the original one.
Added above 1000 new checks 

Feature :-
  • Anti wallhack Wallhack Blocker
  • Alias scanning for scripts
  • Rapid/BurstFire Detector
  • Cvar Enforcer
  • Anti fast name change
  • SkyWalk Guard

How to install HLguard :- 
1. go to HLDS>cstrike>Addons> and paste HLGUARD
2. go to Metamod> Plugin.ini > put win32 addons/hlguard/dlls/hlguard_mm.dll
3. go to HLGUARD folder> configs > hlg_menu.cfg and put ur own password.
4. to access the HLguard type into console hlg_menu YOUR PASSWORD
I Wish accepte my suggestion about This Anti Cheats / Hacks

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If we will add this we removing all work for admin and the admin rank dont would have sense here.. But maybe we can add some things of your suggestion. Anyways thanks for this thread



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