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Lost Souls' Official DUST2 Server!


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Good Day / Afternoon / Evening everyone. Today, the Lost Souls community is proud to announce to you the opening of the official DUST 2 Server!





What will this new server bring us?
For everyone who's into the classic, and is looking for a different gameplay experience with the Lost Souls community, this server is one of them designed for it. We, as a team, would like to experience a new kind of experience with our players. We are open to feedbacks, amazing ideas, and a team who will help you get in touch with the recent updates and news concerning our new entry.




What can we do in the server?
Our Dust 2 server currently starts out new and simple, as we start to grow and expand, we will begin implimenting new updates and features by the community's request and sake. We are waiting for everyone's contribution and presence!


Are you hiring admins?

We are currently seeking Admins for the Dust2 server. If you are interested in joining us and want to help us expand, please be sure to apply immediately and let us know your interests. You are more than welcome to apply!


Special shoutout to @ VermiciousKanid and @ shado , as without their efforts this would not have been possible. Thank you guys! 

We can't wait to finally start a new adventure with you playing the classics. Join us now if you are with us! GLHF

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