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Regarding XP/AP **IMPORTANT**


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Hey everyone,


We're encountering some issues right now, particularly with LS players.


I wanted to clear things up for you all, so here's the scoop:


As you know, we merged with LS and promised that GC ZP would be added to the current ZP server. I understand it's taken a while, and I apologize for that. Trust me, we're working hard to bring GC ZP back. For now, we've started working on the Ammo Packs and XP system. GC stats (Ammo Packs and XP) have been added so far. (Only GC stats at this point)


According to @ Vo1D AMATERASU , LS players will soon have their Ammo Packs and XP merged with GC stats (the current stats in ZP). However, I want you to know that the process will take a short time if everything goes as planned, according to what @ Vo1D AMATERASU  told me.


Other features that GC had, such as guns, modes, skins, roulette, gambling, etc., will be added soon. Just stay patient for now.


So, if you're planning to create a ticket on Discord or if you're going to spam me with messages, please make sure to read this carefully.


You can check your previous stats you had in LS here:






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