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Major changes to the management team and exciting news!


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Greetings LS family,

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who assisted in the merge between LS and GC.

Since this is my first announcement as owner of LS, I want to introduce myself. Many of you might know who I am, but for those that don’t, I used to be R&D in LS before founding Gamerclub. 

Some exciting new features and servers such as the World of Warcraft private server are being worked on, so stay tuned for that.

This thread will contain the new promotions, demotions and ranks that have been added. It’s natural that some of you may have mixed feelings about these changes. However, I want to emphasise that the decisions are solely based on the criteria that have been set; there will be many opportunities for climbing the ranks when new servers are opened. Therefore, work hard till then. 

Let us start with Veterans making our way up; there will be many significant changes in the veteran section. From now on, this rank will be reserved for staff members who will contribute substantially to our community, reflecting their dedication and commitment. However, veterans will be unable to get their ranks returned and have to climb the hierarchy again if they choose to come back.

Additionally, I’m delighted to introduce the new rank @Assistant . This role will play an essential part in the community. It’s my pleasure to introduce @ Gyro and Utopia as our first Assistant. GYRO will be tasked with overseeing the channels and guiding our community members.

In addition to “Assistant”, Sovereign Sentinels was created for inactive Owners and Co-Owners, those with authority and leadership positions. They may also take on a mentorship role, guiding and assisting newer or less experienced management members. Please note that this rank is not part of the hierarchy.

Here is the list of the management team:


Sovereign Sentinels -  Elena, WolfBeard, Nasty, Jink

@akPXJRg.gifOwner - Nima, Airstriker

@Co-Owner - Shado, Daniel, vo1d, Jinwoo

@R&D - Lux, Angel, Benny

@Supervisor - Sharky, Xtrem, Infinity, Nuage

@Staff - Ahmed, Kratos, Omar, Amine, Wolfie, JMX, Amenadiel

@Assistant - Gyro

@Server Manager - Parapara, Ouls, Anour, LS Skully

I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued dedication and support within our community. Your contribution, big or small are what makes us thrive.

I'm looking forward to the journey and adventures that await us.


- Nima

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On behalf of the GC family that you guys have graciously welcomed to the LS Community, thank you. Look forward to working with you all. 

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