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Merge/Fusión de GC y LS

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Dear Lost-Souls Fam,

We are thrilled to bring you some incredible news that will undoubtedly elevate our collective gaming experience to new heights ! After much anticipation and collaborative effort, we are proud to announce the merger of Lost-Souls Clan & Gamerclub Community

This union is not just a merger of two communities; it's celebration of shared passions, camaraderie, and the mutual love for gaming that binds us all together. By combining the strengths, we believe we can create an even more vibrant, diverse, and engaging gaming family.


We'll have some changes in roles from this merge so please, do not create any unnecessary dramas.. It's better to move together than creating drama based on rank.. It's true that ranks of people from Gamerclub & Lost-souls might not be same as before cause having many people on same rank is messy. Hence, with @ akPXJRg.gifNima  & @ akPXJRg.gifAirStriker  we'll be making some changes and we hope yuo guys are going to co-operate too...


Current Ranking structure goes like:
Owners: @ akPXJRg.gifNima  & @ akPXJRg.gifAirStriker

For the rest of rank the discussion is still going on.. You might not have same rank as before but that doesn't mean we do not appreciate your past contributions to respective community.. That's all I've to say in this announcement.


- Best Regards

LS & GC Management

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12 minutes ago, Vo1D AMATERASU said:

making some changes and we hope yuo guys are going to co-operate too...


Please don't ban me admon:grinning-squinting-face:

GC and LS will make a good team;
Good One🤞

Need help?
Feel free to contact me through Discord: 


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Guest Amenadiel

How can we be lost souls if we've found eachother and became together? 🤔


Welcome everyone here, enjoy your stay, appreciate you all for the join! ❤️

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Seems interesting im looking forward to it maybe i will comeback in future.

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4th sea aniv.jpg


If you have question or need help you can.

Contact me on my Discord Angelica7#4200

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2 minutes ago, Nuage said:

Bruh, Debow if see nuage

Boobs is ex dd2 admin in GC. Haven't see him a while, thought maybe he is here. 

What's debow and nuage?

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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