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how to increase your fps


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hi guys

best fps cmds type it in console to increase your fps

fps_max 250

fps_modem 250

fps_override 1

Developer 1

net_graph 1 (show Your fps)

gl_vsync 0

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-__-sgs bind-_-_-__--_-_-_-__---_-_-__-_-_-


mwheeldown "+duck 

mwheelup "+jump"

some cmds can help in lag


cl_shadows 0

max_shells 0

max_smokepuffs 0

r_decals 8

cl_himodels 0

violence_ablood 0

violence_hblood 0

violence_agibs 0

violence_hgibs 0

I've discovered a way to increase fps (Video editing is not good but important is the clarity of the way)


_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-thx soo much -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_--_


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Discord : Amine#9092


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Thanks for the detailed info @ CleaNSkunK :)

Appreciate your help.

Also, can you please tell me how to do a jump that people in ZP server do a lot. I don't know the official name of this kinda jump though. So I will try to explain what players do- 

 * This jump is performed when a player is already floating in the air from a previous jump and lands on an inclined surface (like a ramp or flat inclined surface of stairs- which makes it like a ramp)

 * Once performed this gives a major boost in a player's speed and his air float.

I know it's pretty vague description, but do you know what I'm talking about? 

If you want I can record a demo and post here for reference. 

NOTE: I'm not talking about surfing. 


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@ boSs ^.^ he uses the ramp to boost his jump. What do you need to do that? Obviously a ramp, sv_airaccelerate  100, good fps and good stafe skill. You may ask how many fps are good? Well, the more fps you have the better, I would say at least 150, but you're gonna be really good at strafing. So, the more fps you have, the less strafe skills you'll need to get propelled.

This is the procedure: jump from the highest place that you can, then start strafing while you are in the air, head towards the ramp and when you touch it make sure to hold down the ctrl key. If you did it right, you will be propelled from the ramp, you must repeat the steps while in the air (strafe> go to the ramp> press ctrl when you touch the ramp). As you've seen, all this is done in the air, so you'll need a lot of coordination and over all practice.

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