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Hello guys, 

I'd like to announce that a deserved promotion is given to @ PaRaPaRa due to his hard-working and massive activity as well as his great and respectful behaviour.

Welcome with our new ze senior admin

Well deserved and keep up the good work!

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I was for real at a loss for words, this made my day for sure and all I can express right now is that I am thankful to the whole ZE team, you are all the BEST and I really love all,
The team, the community, the game, LS feels like home, I can be at peace for 1-3 hours a day and that is when I am playing on the server or in discord with all of you,
I will try my best to handle this position, and the responsibility that comes with it.

I really love all of you and LS <333

Edited by PaRaPaRa
no homo
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Need help?
Feel free to contact me through Discord: 


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