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Free VIP ??


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Hey, Lost-Souls Family,

I'm here today with another announcement as you guys know we used to give away VIP each month VIA gameme but this time its different we have decided to giveaway VIP but by my own system which I created

Zombie Escape Stats: Stats for Zombie Escape
Zombie Plague Stats: Stats for Zombie Plague


Winners will be announced on first of December.

1st Prize: 1 Month VIP + 5k APs
2nd Prize: 14 Days VIP + 5k APs
3rd Prize: 7 Days VIP + 5K APs
4th and 5th: 5k APs Each

Hope you enjoy <3

Best Regards
- Vo1D

(Sry for the bunch of announcement now a days its just I started to do more stuff than just listening to musics :v)


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When does the competition end ? @ Vo1D AMATERASU  




                                                                                                                                                     My Discord Tag : Natsu.Msi999





My Discord Tag : Natsu.Msi999 


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