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[Jailbreak] Any updates on the server?

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Hey guys, hope everyone here is doing well.

I'm typing here to get an update on the Jailbreak server, after getting no such luck asking around on the LS discord server. I realized it was down, but only recently, and I've been trying to check for it religiously ever since to see whether it reopens soon.

Is it down for configuration? Maintenance? Has it permanently shut down? A community announcement would be great for clarification. It sucks having the massive urge to play Jailbreak but there isn't a good server to fill that :/

Sorry if I'm asking a repeated question, I genuinely don't know what happened to the server.


Outside of that, take it easy fellas.

- .:BlaCK CroCodiLE:.

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Bumping this to both bring new eyes onto the topic and to give an update about the Jailbreak server, since the higher ups seems to be radio-silent about this. I also want to share what I found with other jailbreak players that were asking for the reopening of the server, like @ Power1 .

Void told me in a Discord ticket that the Jailbreak server will re-open soon, with Natsheh's previous work in it, almost like the server never went away in the first place.

The server hasn't worked since the host changes that hit every LS server. ZP and ZE got new IPs under a new host, and here's hoping the JB server also gets one hastily.

I can't speak for other people, but I'd love the Jailbreak server back. Not only as a massive Jailbreak enthusiast, but also as someone that only wishes the best for the LS community.

Will try and post more updates after I find something new. Thank you for reading, and have a great rest of the day.

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