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Hi guys, i'm back again with a brand new promotions. As you guys already knew, we have released a brand new Zombie CSO Server recently. Thus, im thrilled to inform you that we agreed to make a promotion based on the perfomance, commitment, and contribution of the persons that I will mention later. 

Please welcome @ malibu to the STAFF Team of Zombie CSO. His amazing performance during his managing period never cease to amaze me, despite his high commitment, he had showed a good leadership skill in order to manage a server besides supporting the server financially. You have done an astounding job bro, i'm sure you'll make a great fit for this position. 


Next, don't forget about our Demo Reviewer that has been working through day and night, even though he was busy with all the jobs, he still helped me through CSO Beta testing, giving reliable suggestions such as maps, models, etc, FYI, some maps/mdl that are being used in CSO sv was suggested by this guy, Thus, I would be glad to announce that @ menily will be promoted to WheelChair, ok jk, please welcome him to Server Manager Team of Zombie CSO. You have achieved a great achievements here bro, do amaze me with your commitments okay?

I think that's all , I would also want to express my gratitude for others who supports Zombie CSO especially @ lfZpEDP.gifTokYo and @ akPXJRg.gifjink07
WE welcome all suggestions with open arms. CYA!

@ Member@Admin@Senior Admin@Server Manager@Demo Reviewer@Staff@Supervisor@Co-Owner@akPXJRg.gifOwner

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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Congratulations malboo don't forget to give me your onlyfans VIP subscription for 1 year for free..



Menily congratulations on being a server manager dont pedophile those helpless players.

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On 8/22/2023 at 10:29 AM, malibu said:

Thanks everyone appreciate it, i'l make you boyz proud !

Now plz ban natsheh aboozer

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@ Jinwoo  ban for thanking @ lfZpEDP.gifTokYo  before me. he gei. 

Congrats @ malibu and @ menily . Nice job guys - i love CSO and the rest of the server should come play too. its fantastic. 

all @Admin required to come check it out. come show support for the new server, this is a requirement. 

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