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Hello Everyone! 

Today i will announce the new promotion for two people's who have showed excellent work in the recent period Starting with @ Dreaaam as he's going to be the New Server Manager of ZP server , he showed a very good way of managing in addition to his great activity and being a loyal member of LS he showed his worthiness for this position.

and please welcome @ Ting as he's going to be the New Senior Admin of ZP he showed a great potential in a very short time , being active and helping the admins and doing his best to help the server trying to keep it fair and safe for everyone.

Everyone has opportunities and we will not forget anyone but remember that you must to show your worth and abilities and we will appreciate it.

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18 hours ago, Dreaaam said:

Thank you guys for the promotion, can't wait to work with the zp managers and learn more and more things

congrats gei. wait for my back ahahahha

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