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ZOMBIE CSO Team Hiring


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Hi everyone, i'm thrilled to inform you that we are currently hiring team to manage Zombie CSO Server. As we all know that management plays a very significant role in ensuring the server can run properly. 

What type of Rank that we are hiring?
As for now, we'll be hiring those as follows :

Server Manager

Do note that for Server Manager APP, it's only OPEN for Zombie CSO server currently, if you are applying for other server, it will be automatically REJECTED as it's closed right now.

For Admin Requirement, it will be loosened up a bit as it's a new Server, but your ACTIVITY in server will be the first thing that is taken into consideration regarding your application.

Please fill the application with detailed information especially regarding Server Manager APP ( we are looking for a matured level headed applicant to bear this responsibility )  as every point and word that you wrote will be checked thoroughly by us and don't forget to meet the REQUIREMENTS and EXPECTATIONS besides gaining supports from fellow Admins++


I wish those who are interested ALL THE BEST and Goodluck regarding your applications. Please don't be disappointed if your application has been denied by the Management. There is always upcoming chances for you to re-apply again.

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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