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New Zombie CSO Server


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Hi everyone, Im thrilled to inform you that we finally released our own Lost Souls Zombie CSO Server ( ) 
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for those who were involved in ensuring the success of releasing this Zombie CSO Server especially our greatest coders @ Vo1D @ hanf.gifBenNy1uckY  besides our fellow admins, staffs and testers that helped throughout the debugging process. 


What is Zombie CSO Server?
Zombie CSO Server of Lost Souls version is basically a Zombie Mod that consists of Humans who have to defend themselves from the threat called Zombies, Instead of camping like ZP or escaping like ZE, CSO encourages the players to balance between camping and escape which requires multi-skills in order to survive.


Heres some details regarding Zombie CSO :

1) For CSO, we will have 2 type of currency which is Money and Ammopacks

Money will be consumed for " Buy Weapons " menu, here there'll be basic guns, such as M4A1, AK47, Violingun, Rock Guitar, AKM12, etc, besides weapons, this menu also consist Grenades which is HE Grenades, Frost Nades and Flare Nades. Money will be resetted every map as it's easy to get.

Ammopacks will be used for " Extra Items " menu and " VIP Menu ", this menu consists of high-powered and higher grade of Items/Weapons that would greatly enchance Humans Survivability. Ammopacks will be saved throughout the game.


2) Zombie CSO wouldn't have sandbags and lasermines, Zombies do have knockbacks.

- Instead of relying on
sandbags and lasermines for camping, Humans in CSO rely on other aspects such as strafe and movements besides killing zombies with Items, but of course, to balance the server, Zombies will be affected with knockbacks as well, which varies of every weapons


3) Are levels important in Zombie CSO?

- Absolutely, here, certain TOP-TIER weapons require
high levels to unlock them, besides, we also have KNIFE MENU that can be unlocked for certain levels, this Level System was applied in Zombie CSO to highlight the progress of players since their first entrance to the server. Those knives also have their own abilities and advantages that would greatly help HUMANS.


4) New Infection method.

- It's absolutely annoying to get infected when only being ONE-HITTED from zombies right? You wouldn't have to worry about that in CSO as Humans HP will be taken into aspect as well in infecting them, Thus, the number of hits required to kill/infect the humans are varies DEPENDS on the Health and Armor . Of course , humans may be able to buy Health/Armor ( limited usage ) in extra item shop.

5) New buying method.

- Here, we have a new system when buying guns, HUMANS only have to buy gun ONCE per map, the guns that HUMANS bought in the previous round can just be claimed without any COST, this system only applies to Humans. Zombies wouldnt be affected.



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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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nice server and madly excited to play in it

but i didnt like knife system + i dont see any necessary for speed knife in cso 

i wish I could add some comments, but I havent tried everything yet, or any thing to be precise 

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discord: mrblax987



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Finally CSO i remember playing this before miss those memorys in past 4 years and now cant believe it that. anyway the server got release today i hope in the future it be popular CSO in LS. 

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If you have question or need help you can.

Contact me on my Discord Angelica7#4200

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