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Hi Lost-Souls Members, I would love to announce that it's time for us to promote few candidates  to be assigned with higher authority due to their amazing performance and commitment in fulfilling their tasks.

First, please welcome @ Aloshh to be part of Staff team of Zombie Plague. He had shown us a remarkable potential as a Server Manager, despite being really responsible towards the admins and his jobscope. He has shown us the true example in leadership. You deserve to be one of the staff team brotha as you never fail to amaze us.

Next, let's not forget about our one of the most active admin in history of Lost Souls who is @ Farrari , You have shown a great potential in fulfiling your task as Senior Admin despite being active almost 24 hours a day in the server. Gameme stats is one of the proof of his commitment in the server. I'm sure you can handle the task of being Server Manager with ease alongside @ Gyro and Utopia . What a great teamwork will it be!

Let's continue with one of the most amazing admin in Zombie Escape. @ -L|S- Dream . You have shown us that you are very commited in Jobs besides administrating the server. I've heard a lot about your talents and potential from Zombie Escape Team. Those commends that are given had really convince me to promote you to bear the responsibility to be a Server Manager. You'll be working alongside @ BLAX in managing Zombie Escape. i'll be expecting more from you due to your hardwork.

Last but not least, let's welcome @ Ouls to Senior Admin team. You never cease to amaze us with your administrating jobs in the server. Despite being really active, you have shown what a true admin shall do. Your commitment by being Admin has opened our eyes to promote you to handle a greater responsibility and task!


I would be elated to remind that Lost-Souls can achieve a greater achievements because of your works and contributions. We would never achieve this alone without everyone commitment and teamwork. I hope my decision to promote all of you would never be regretted by me in the future and that lies in your hands to prove me right.

I would love to say Happy Eid Adha to every muslims out there as well!

Lost Souls Management

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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gz nubs

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I don't like people who try to minimize the pain of others. Let me explain, you are suffering for something and come x person to tell you; "That's no reason to get like that" "you exaggerate" "it's not so bad" "I went through worse things and here I am" if you overcame worse things, I congratulate you, good for you, but never minimize anyone's pain, because it could happen the same, but only each one knows what he feels. If you're going to jump on shit like that, you better not say anything.


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