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/spec plugin

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Hey guys, 

Suggestion about the /spec plugin.

When I use to had admin a while ago we could easy transfer to spec only by typing in console /spec, and spec people that way we were still in a team, and it was showing us as a life. That way hacker don't see that admin is dead and can spec, will continue using hacks... I think that will really help a lot... Because when we jump to spec they see that, and some of them so smart they stopping, but some so stupid they continue .... when you done and ready to join a game all you had to do was type /back or just same way M and choose team... I'll need to look I forgot how that plugging was calling... 

I had somewhere all plugins, if ya interested ill look up, or you can just look up online.... 



Like I said is just a suggestion, if ya don't like it please don't leave any weird comments lol.... Thanks... 

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