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[The Ultimate Tutorial For Newbie Admins]


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Hello Everyone!

Today, I'd like to present The full tutorial of new admins or who doesn't know how to use admin.

I'll Start with:

[1] DEMOS.

-When you join the server, The demo will be automatically recorded by the server as it has (Auto record system) and There's a message will appear like this image.png.d21ada851d15965b8e6bdc3921cf71d7.png If ZP, The name will be like thisimage.png.d22480ce84b5499b3c610fee8e35831a.png

-The question here is, How to save demo? Simple.

1-Press [` or ~]  In your keyboard to open the console.

2-Type stopimage.png.46f49d1f389c929f6641cec4a7ddbd44.png.

3-A message will be appeared in console like this image.png.8d4c287a2140e99d39292f41b3ee3dfd.png That means the demo has been automatically saved in Cstrike folder .

4-To open Cstrike folder of your cs, Follow these instructions, Go to image.png.9876bc9124b0c1edcbf8d3ee0aafe882.png or [Whatever any name it has]


5-In cstrike folder, You'll see both demos like this image.png.05f0c4c98d26f920d791a8dad09dff71.pngimage.png.a2aa70d1ffbc64c5e5de0bc7f666716f.png

6-To change the demo's name, Press right click on demo's file and this menu will appear for you, Choose rename option image.png.e75738777726a6080ebae681a59bb98d.png


7-Rename it with the name of  the rule breaker or the hack who you banned, For instance: kratos-hack, Ali-bhop, ghost-waterstrafe....and so on.

Like this->image.png.5bee2b9f68346c8bd3bcebf746d8a749.pngimage.png.6d54d614168554ae264f5e49dc34af6e.png

8-Now, I stopped the demo and I want to record another one, What should i do?

9-Type "Record" and demo's name, Then press "Enter" and the demo will be started recording automatically.image.png.416597149a82e2145c7b3168cb7053cc.png

10-If you finished recording, Type "Stop" in console and the demo will be automatically saved with the recorded name in "Cstrike folder"image.png.ace98804bb38db2b7fa526737973b790.png

As you see it's saved directly image.png.8b2a15be4502055d8502d57c966cb9c4.png


Here are some videos that clearly shows how to record and save demos:




  tutorial-demos2.mp4   tutorial-demos3.mp4  

Now, I recorded the demo and everything is finished, How can i watch it to make sure that everything is fine?

-Type in console "Viewdemo" "name"image.png.7a6aa0bb46b80374fec1e16fe21a95e6.png and the demo will start working.

-There are few things that will help you inside the "viewdemo" menu:

1-image.png.3a577772329d97c488afa4282628fb49.pngThis icon for increasing demo's speed for image.png.85bff6d05f001229d0c1472f960299a0.png or image.png.2ebed49a68b3959e3f52710d38641b1c.pngSpeed 

2-image.png.832cdaa875f27a0f618568fa584fb34f.png This one for reducing demo's speed if you want to back to normal speed or watching it slower with image.png.e079acd8d73b8bd3f6a9e3bd4256d5a9.pngor image.png.fb4c4fd4777f9e7a2b473d6cba883930.png

-Small video shows how to use this command:




1-Automatic record:You must save and change the name of demo "lsgamerz-ze" or "lsgamerz-zp" before map changes, because once the map changes, you'll lose the demo as when map starts and new record starts, The old demo will be replaced by new one with name "lsgamerz-ze" or "lsgamerz-zp" so it's important to change the name of the demo.

2-Console:The console doesn't accept space between words or sentences so make sure when you type "record demo's name" in console type it like this  image.png.b04db2d8b464f77998d51066ca0abf3a.png  image.png.0d7d22b431f86dd226f769ef93fcd224.png and use these signs [- or _ or . [point] ]



Every day i'll upload something new.

Stay tuned!









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