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New CoD Server!


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Lost Soul Community is proud to announce the soon opening of a new server in CS 1.6
Call of Duty mode
[CS 1.6 CoD]



What will this new server bring? 
 This server is created for all the fans of the old counter – strike 1.6 game and still enjoy the classic shooting aspect of the game but also want something more than just a classic deathmatch.

The team in charge of the server is focused on providing the players with the best experience by adjusting every detail in the game mode. We listen to the feedback we receive and we will do everything to make sure that all the great ideas / suggestions are heard and worked on.

What’s new in this mode?
1. General Leveling System – Each kill the player does, will reward him with X amount of experience (with bonus for headshot’s). Collecting enough experience will increase your level, which can grant you access to unlock new knives with bonus stats and classes which will have:
   - Different weapons 
 - Special abilities to be used against their enemies
   - Special abilities to assist you during battle 
2. Class Upgrades Point System – Every DMG point the player deal to the enemy will reward them with point, which can be used to upgrade the class the player choses. The upgrades are:
  - Increase Damage Dealt
  - Increase Health
  - Increase Movement Speed
  - Increase Armor
  - Reduce Gravity 
3. Special Server Shop – Accessible by all players and containing various items to make the game more fun and interesting.
4. Missions – Special missions will be available to all players, completing them will reward bonus experience for the General Leveling System.

5. VIP benefits:
  - Early access to high level classes  
  - Special VIP classes  
  - Special knife with bonus stats  
  - XP Bonus


If you like this idea and want to be part of its growing, we are currently looking to hire: 
- Server Managers – Dedicated people who can manage the server.
- Server Admins – Dedicated people who can keep the save and fun environment in the server by punishing the rule breakers.
- Model Designers – People with special knowledge to create or edit models for the server.
- Promoters – People who can promote the server in various ways or in different platforms, such as Youtube, TikTok, etc...


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Wow can't wait to play it I might drop in and play see how it is I have played it before way back when I might get back into again it. Nice job!!!













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Pew Pew, sounds like a mod my old community leader made. Definitely was fun and hope this can replicate the nostalgia. 

Will definitely check it out and that VIP looks tempting. 

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Sounds good if it actually works I will boost it first month , but lets see if its any different than CTF :0

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