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CSGO Zombie Escape is here !

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Our new Zombie Escape server, IP address, is now officially live and open for everyone to join! We invite all of you to come and experience the thrill of CSGO Zombie Escape. Unlike CS1.6 Zombie Escape the csgo zombie escape mod is completely different.. Where humans aren't dominating like in cs1.6 and more over its really fun to play as there will be a leader in human team to guide all the humans to escape points successfully.. So what are you waiting for? Join us now at IP address If there is any problem feel free to report me in DM. We will run the server for few days to see if there will be any bugs/errors/problems..


1. Is there anything in the server other than classic csgo zombie escape ?
-> Yes, There is skins, sprays and lot of miscellaneous which u can exchange via Credits/Store-Points.

2. Is there VIP system like cs1.6 ? ->
Yes, We have setup provision of VIP in csgo as well and u can buy it from

3. How do we earn credits ?
-> For earning credits we got a
!daily command from which u can earn some points per day by playing in server for 25 minutes and u will also have a daily streak where u will receive bonus on using !daily straight for 7 days.

4.What will happen to your credits and VIP after launch of CS2 ?
-> There won't be any change in ur credits and store items u claimed as we got everything saved in our database and as soon as the store system will be compatible with cs2 we will get your stuff back with release of CS2.

5. Can I play ?
-> Yes, as long as you have a PC that can run csgo you are free to join and play at our server.

6. Is there provision of ADMINISTRATION team in csgo as well ?
-> Yes, we got a ADMINISTRATION team in csgo same as cs1.6 with division of STAFF, SERVER MANAGER, ADMIN, SENIOR ADMIN.


7. Can we apply for it ?
-> Yes, but you have to wait till we make requirements and a proper structure for applying in administration team. List of commands that you will be able to use will be updated asap in forum

Moderators: @ WolfBeard  @ Vo1D
Staff: @ Valk Texas

Shop: https://store.lsgamerz.com
Bans: https://sb.lsgamerz.com

- Regards Lost-Souls Management

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