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How to change Zombies/Humans/Weapon models and zombies hands

Sunny The Bunny

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Hello everybody, I’ve made this guide to teach those who doesn’t know they can change and use whatever Human/Zombie/Weapon model or Zombie hands they like, obviously there are some limits to not cause lag but more for that later.

 I will use an example about the ZE server with Normal Human class.


You need to decide what player model you want to change and locate it's original directory inside you counter-strike. 
The location of all player models is located in the folder with name "player" and to find it you need to follow those steps. 

 1. Locate where in your PC the game is installed and open it that folder.
 2. Search and open the folder 
image.png for steam users and for non steam users 
image.png .
 3. Search for folder with name  
image.png.b3391196b27029e11c355b7bf48f0c7a.png and open it. 
 4. Search for folder with name 
image.png and open it.
  * All Zombie/Human/Vip player models are stored here, you need to find which folder contains the model for the Normal Human.   
 5. Normal Human has folder with name image.png   and file inside with name image.png.ad9eb495df5494415c0f354e046b7599.png.

 * To find which player model you look for use program Jed's Half Life Model Viewer. 
 6. Download a player model you like from the internet, check the amount of image.png.04e066a900621960a77ffeadfcd58576.png the player model has. 
 * To find that, you need to open the downloaded skin with the program Jed's Half Life Model Viewer. 
 * DO NOT USE any Human/Zombie/Weapons or Zombie hands models that has a lot of Drawn Polys, personally i use models that has maximum of 6k and i have no lag problems while playing in the server when it's full (32/32).
7. Rename the downloaded player model with the name of the player model you want to replace.
 * !!! Example !!! if the player model has name  image.png you MUST rename it like this  image.png.f67aae6ac52b83488ead56344fc87d2f.png.
 8. Replace the player model inside the image.png folder with your recently renamed player model file. 
 9. Enter the server and enjoy your mini small update. 

Important Notes: 
 - This is just visual change appearance for you, which means only you can see the changes. 
DON'T use any models that have high Drawn Polys if you don't want to cause lag and make the game unplayable. 
ALWAYS make a backup of the file before you replace it with something. 
 - For those who think - Are we allowed to do that the answer is YES THIS IS ALLOWED. 

I hope when you learn to do this you will create an awesome personal mini update whenever you like and make the gameplay more interesting and fun.

Credits to: @ Vo1D for the support and  @ E8siozI.gifEleNa  for the idea to write this guide and @ Angel  for creating the video example.
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