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ZE Tutorial How to level up fast.


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Greetings everyone,

there is many possible ways how to lvl up fast and here some tips for you,

1. image.png.41c154b5da9247a5d9709063d8fbe44f.png win as human you can get 10ap and 95xp i usually farming on winning as human i earn 10k xp before it spends me like 6 or 8 hours to get that. also if humans win 10 times you can earn 100 ap and 950 xp. by winning as human which is enough for me.

2.image.png.6f76f312f86221cdec7231158c963631.png win as zombie you can get 10ap and 45xp by winning 10 times u can earn 100 ap and 450 xp which is good.

3.By typing /pfg it will gonna show you thisimage.png.eb1334d51f25b7212ea83193817cd94f.png press 1 or 2 if you want to exchange your points to xp and ap. for xpimage.png.d3177dcc6afe78dc18138c6eaf7ceccf.png

and for apimage.png.647e995d08e75dd16ab82599fe105a68.png also how can you earn points? by playing 1 min you get 1 points.

4. by typing in the chat /xp it will gonna show you how much xp you have and next lvl rank. like this.image.png.c7e26ce574fa6f7c940f71eec93b7526.png

lasty. by typing /get you can get between 10-50image.png.e314b5f07c5a729c326ddd20ff7b30ec.png

ok thats it hope this help you guys.



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If you have question or need help you can.

Contact me on my Discord Angelica7#4200

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