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How To Parachute Strafe


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Hello, in this small tetorial il show you how to Strafe with Parachute! (Gain great speed while you are using the parachute)

It's a very easy way to make your self look like pro and escape easly.

How to bind parachute(Button to Open Parachute):

Easly open consol with "`" that are stationed under "Esc" button then type this code : bind e +use

(Make The Parachute Opens With E Button)

Soo How To Strafe?:

1-Before you start make sure to run then open the parachute (To Gain More Speed), Not required.

2-Jump and hold (The button thath you bind).

3-Stop pressing the runing button W.

4-Click on Then move your mouse to right at the same time.

5-Click on Then move your mouse to right at the same time.

6-Keep repeating methode 4 & 5 while while you are in air.

A = Walk to right

D = Walk to left

More Fps = Mor Speed !


This is it you are strafing :)

You just need to practice it in the game!



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