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9 hours ago, OMARR said:

What's up beautiful people, it's a beautiful day to announce a promotion of a hard working individual that have been here since forever and finally he/she got some attention

Please welcome the new Senior Admin of ZE  @ DarKieX


Well i didnt not expect this to happen and i though Nasty is jk on dc but still cant believe this happen but Thank You so much Guys @ BLAX @ Akari @ ALOOSH PRO @ RiiCK @ KrazyGamer14 @ BengiLK @ AyBeel @ Saur0n @ Gyro and Utopia @ ALQRSAN @ blueabom @ menily @ Ja6t @ Ouls @ Lambo @ Dreaaam @ Anouar Im gonna do my best specially to @ vueEIt4.gifNastycamper <333

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4th sea aniv.jpg


If you have question or need help you can.

Contact me on my Discord Angelica7#4200

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