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Good day lost-souls community!

Hi everyone! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your time in the community.Β 

Β I would like to make this specific time to announce a promotion to one of the Original LS members since 2018-2019. This individual is one of the best individuals I've ever met based on the communitiesΒ  I have joined. I became an admin under on his command last 2020. He shows dedication on managing and improving the Zombie Escape server ever since he joined the community. He is one of the pioneers who shapedΒ  ZE. I am proud to be one of your students bro!

Everyone, let's welcome our new supervisor.Β 

@ Nuage

The management are surprised and backed me up in this decision for the dedication you have given for the community.

You are a great role model for the players!

PS. More promotions/demotions will be added in the following weeks.


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PICΒ  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Mod_428027_large.jpg


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