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Promotion 2 news SA for ZP


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Hello LS, i am making this post to announce two new promotions, in this case they will be for @ DeadMan @ Lambo  They have done an excellent job. since they have been here, they have remained faithful, and that is what is valued!



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Congratulations on your promotion, @ Lambo and @ DeadMan ! It’s a testament to your hard work and dedication that you’ve been recognized and rewarded for your efforts. Keep up the great work and best wishes for your continued success in your new roles.


You can ask me anything!





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@ Lambo Gz gay, i hope and do weekly events v:

I don't like people who try to minimize the pain of others. Let me explain, you are suffering for something and come x person to tell you; "That's no reason to get like that" "you exaggerate" "it's not so bad" "I went through worse things and here I am" if you overcame worse things, I congratulate you, good for you, but never minimize anyone's pain, because it could happen the same, but only each one knows what he feels. If you're going to jump on shit like that, you better not say anything.


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