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How to make you a cool lost souls player

LS S7med

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Hello My Name Is S7med , and i am lost souls legend , so you need to make you it to pro so let's start :

1 - The name LS must be placed on your name in the game , so your name will become very distinctive with the server logo.

2 - If you are a new player in the server , everyone has their own way of playing in the server , and you are in the server looking for pro people and you want to be inspired , then your solution is simple , get a high fps and use keyboard shortcuts

3 -  We know that the VIP feature needs to pay money for the feature , you can collect points to get VIP feature for free just by typing /pfg and you must collect 800 points to reach the VIP feature , and to collect points you must play for a longer time and the server will give you a point for your playing time in the server

And there's the tutorial to how to make you a cool lost souls player , and goodbye.Untitled(6).png.8f47a44c4f05e4e89518862cd18c8cf3.png.9c4d081738206e846fbde09a4e6607d0.thumb.png.64916c2483d6802f8e2d57fc955405c1.png

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