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[ZP] New Year Event Suggestion


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In this topic I want suggest and discuss about an event for Zombie Plague Server.


How the event will consist?

It will consist in different modes and there will be more than 1 winner in each event.


Which modes?

Cannibal Mode - Tag Mode - Nightcrawler Mode - Predators Mode


Cannibal Mode

In this mode there'll be 4 winners.

1st winner - Win more rounds (7000 APs)

2nd winner - Second person who win more rounds (3.500 APs)

3rd winner - Kill more zombies (2000 APs)

4th winner - The player who win one cannibal round first (1500 APs)

In this mode you can't be camping or you'll be slayed. Also, in this mode VIPs only can participate in winning round because when VIPs kill one zombie they will get extra kills, which will be unfair for the people who aren't VIP.


Tag Mode

1st winner - Win two rounds or more, if one player wins 3 rounds the second winner will have to win 2 rounds and the 3rd one round) (10.000 APs)

2nd winner - Win two rounds (in the case one person wins 3 rounds) (5.000 APs)

3rd winner - All the people who win one round (2.500 APs)

In this mode players are not able to camp or they'll be punished. If between all the participants none of them win 3 rounds, there will be 2 winners.

1st winner - Win more rounds (10.000 APs)

2nd winner - The player who win one round first (2.500 APs)


Predators Mode

Predators will have 15.000 HP , the one who kill a predator first will get 3.500 APs as a reward. The predators will be the people who have lot of APs and don't want to participate. 

In this mode players are allowed to camp.


Nightcrawler Mode

1st winner - The first person who reach 100. (3.000 APs)

2nd winner  - First person that score 70kills (2.000 APs)

3rd winner Second person that score 70kills (1.500APs)

Everyone will be respawned each 30 seconds.

This mode isn't for VIPs, only for normal players without VIP. What I mean is that VIPs won't have chance to be NCs, they'll only be humans. 


I'd like to see your opinions about this event, thanks in advance. @ Jessi is going to give the APs


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Oh Wow, this event is really nice, especially nightcrawler event, one of my favorite modes that we'll be fun event I would play that event more that anything but i cant sadly but good luck on this event, and about the rest of the event good luck to everyone who participated and let the new year out in a bang! 

Good luck!

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