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Hello Lost Souls!

We have encountered several challenges concerning admins' subpar performance, managers' lack of awareness of certain matters, and other issues among personnel in lower ranks. 
And mostly, the underlying causes were because: firstly, a significant proportion of individuals were uninformed about the requirements and expectations of their roles, and secondly, many lacked the necessary skills and capabilities to fulfill the responsibilities associated with their positions, which they had not anticipated.
In this thread we'll sum out every rank's Jobs, Duties, Responsibilities, and
Starting with : 


Jobs : Force Servers Rules in general, Specific Server's Rules and Community Rules.
Keeping Servers Fair and Clean, as well as Providing the best experience for Players. 
Duties : Daily Activity In-Game, Forums.
Show Up on Demo Requests.
Provide their Opinions in the variety of Subjects ( Admin Apps, Server Suggestions..etc)
Maintain daily and heavy activity both in Discord channel and FB group (since both platforms are connectable via Phone/PC)  
Respect the orders/decisions from the higher ranks.
Performing Ban Verifications on time.

Responsibilities  : They are responsible over Server's security against cheaters, hack users, spammers, advertisers..etc
They're responsible over every ban they make and the fact that they must keep the evidence of every ban (until the period of the ban ends or until the period of unban opportunity ends).
Restrictions : Read Admin Rules
Admins are restricted from Sharing their opinions in Higher Rank Applications (DRs APPs..and so on)
Admins are restricted from replying to Cheater Reports / Admin Reports unless They've taken authority from a Higher rank (DRs+) 
Or they're involved directly.

Senior Admin

Assisting Server Manager in Managing the server.
Reports directly to the server managers regarding the activity/duties of Admins.
Helping admins on enforcing the rules.

Maintain a Heavy activity in forums, discord, and servers.
Assist Admins & Trial Admins in Learning new hacks.
If the report. suggestion, ticket, is in their local language (Example: Spanish report) they need to be present in the topic.
Their opinions matter in any subject.
Perform verification of bans on every ban they made.
Talking with updates to an admin with the same language same as her/him.
Give a weekly or monthly update to Server Managers regarding Admin Activity status.
Only follow orders to the higher ups.

When posting a post on a thread or starting a topic that requires another language, English + translation of the language you are using should be in 1 post.

They are responsible for players that are speaking in their own language.
Enforcing rules on their language. (Example: You are Arabic, you should also have the rules written in Arabic) .
(Example: "Don't Camp or else Slap/Slay/Kick/Ban"
Every promoted Senior Admin should also have that text on their own language)
Act as an interpreter to the higher ranks. Their language will be a crucial part of solving different problems.
Give opinion on unban request to to the applicant that has the same language as him/her.
Answer player questions if they are with the same language.
If an admin with the same language create a mistake, its the main responsibility of Senior Admin to talk and give advice to the individual.
Translating applications to English if it is their own language same as him/her.
Encouraging players to play in servers if they have the same language.

Cannot decide on admin applications.
Cannot Intervene when Server Manager has already made a decision.
Are not allowed to use powers on Admins and Higher Ups.
Cannot decide on Admin Abuse reports. (They can give their opinion if the applicant has the same language as him/her.)


Demo Reviewer

Jobs : Review and decide Cheater Reports, and anything that includes Demos / Evidence of Rule breaking. ( except for Admin Abuse reports and Unban Requests )
Duties : Maintain activity in Servers and heavy activity over Forums specifically. 
Perform Continuous demo requests for Admins. 
Add / Edit / Unban through Banlist. 
Share their opinions in the variety of subjects, this rank is sensitive and their opinions are looked at differently.
Responsibilities : They're Responsible over All Reports. ( except Admin Abuse reports )
They're responsible over all bans that Admins make. (by making demo requests & review verification of bans )
They're responsible for teaching Lower ranks as well as Higher ranks about New Cheats, Common cheats or Ways to detect Cheats. either directly or by Tagging them in specific Threads to spread knowledge. 
Restrictions Demo Reviewers are allowed to Review / Decide Cheater Reports ( Move / Close , Add ban or Unban) 
But they're not allowed to handle Admin Abuse Reports. (DRs are not allowed to use their powers on other Admins) 
DRs have Admin Access as well, so Admin Rules also apply to them (Including each Server's rules). 
DRs are restricted from Sharing their opinions in Higher Rank Applications. 
DRs are restricted from being #Neutral , If they're unsure about a Demo, they must Tag their Co-DRs or DR Manager.


Server Manager

Jobs : Assisting Staffs in their Server, in other words, Server Manager have almost Full authority to Maintain a Server to it's best performance. 
Duties :  Maintain Heavy Activity both in Forums and Servers. 
Create new ways to attract Players.
Discuss ways to Create new Events or Perform Existing Events creatively.
Manage Admin Applications according to Server and Admin Requirements. 
Manage Admin Reports and discuss each case with your Manager First.
Guide and direct new Admins (Teaching them the basics and making sure they're capable)
Posting Their opinions, especially Suggestions. Each Manager is assisting their Staff to manage their Server 
So their opinions are a MUST in every suggestion that is related to the server they're assisting.

Responsibilities : They're Responsible over all Admins working under their supervision, including their behaviors, bans, activity..etc
Managers Must keeps continuous inspections, which includes : directing DRs to make Demo requests more frequently, reviewing banlist and checking their admins' bans, whether they're suitable or not, discussing specific bans..etc

Keeping Server's traffic, by discussing Events and other catalysts that may encourage playing in our server.
And as we mentioned earlier, their opinions are treasury keys to Suggestions, it's a responsibility to always attend to Suggestions and other topics related to their Servers. 

Restrictions : Managers are restricted from Accepting Suggestions directly. 
Managers are restricted from making Events directly.
Managers are restricted from Accepting / Denying Admin Apps without talking or discussing the case with their Staff.
Managers are restricted from Accepting / Denying an Admin Application until 24Hours have Passed on it's creation
(EXCEPTION : If the Application does not meet the requirements) .
Managers are restricted from Assisting other Servers than theirs (ZP Manager can not Assist ZE, or interfere with their problems), rather they can suggest and advice (by posting opinions, DMing other Managers / Staffs)
Managers are restricted from editing Rules directly unless they discuss it with a Higher up, as well as mentioning with whom they discussed.



Jobs : Everything related to their Server. 
Duties : Everything mentioned previously (Except for Demo Reviewing) 
Responsibilities : Full Responsibility over their Server (Admins, Reports, Applications, Suggestions) or Field they're managing (DRs , Mapping, Designing, Coding...etc) 
Restrictions : They're restricted from Accepting Suggestions directly (Especially suggestions that include adding new features / plugins / weapons or features that do not exist yet)
They're restricted from Accepting / Denying an Admin Application until 24Hours have passed on it's creation. 
(EXCEPTION : Application does not meet the requirements) 
They're Restricted from interfering with other Staff' Work, for instance a ZP Staff only works in that field (in the terms of Managing, but Activity is a must in all servers)
Staffs are restricted from making huge events without discussing Owners / Co Owners, Small events or in-game events are allowed though (Winner of this round gets a bonus / Kill all players as a nemesis and get XP bonus..etc) note : only little amount of bonuses 


Jobs : Their Main Job is to Supervise the Community in all it's aspects. 
Duties : Everything mentioned previously as well as managing everyone under them.
Responsibilities : They're responsible over all actions and behaviors of the team, they're the ones everyone must refer to, including problems, high rank abuse, guidance, or any other type of info. 
Restrictions : They're restricted from Accepting Suggestions directly. 
They're restricted from Accepting Admin Applications until 24hours have Passed on it's creation. 
(EXCEPTION : Application does not meet the  requirements) 


Research And Development (R&D) 

Jobs : Their main job is to Research new technologies, Develop new Plugins, or Research and Develop existing technologies and take them to the next level.
Inspect Admin Command Logs and watch for any abusing or unaccepted behaviors by admins, afterwards report them to Supervisors or their Staffs. 
Duties : Posting their opinions regarding suggestions' (possibility, capability, pros and cons..etc)
Protect servers from DDoS (research and develop new cyber security against attackers). 
Create new Plugins.
Recreate plugins.
Attend to accepted suggestions and start working on the improvements. 
Fix Errors, Random Crashing..etc

Responsibilities : They're responsible for the Server's updates, security, improvements and changes. 
Restrictions : They're restricted from managing Servers , Interfering with Staffs' job, Accepting Suggestions on their own, and making changes without discussions.

Owners And Co-Owners have no limits and no restrictions.
All ranks are obligated to follow this Structure's regulations, not committing may result in demotions / suspensions. 


@ Member @Admin @Demo Reviewer @Server Assistant @Manager @dRQ7pFt.gifSupervisor @Hanf.gifR&D @vueEIt4.gifCo-Owner @akPXJRg.gifOwner


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For Questions/Reports PM me on discord

Lost Souls Management.


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On 12/14/2022 at 3:57 AM, Phoenix said:

Jobs : Review and decide Cheater Reports, and anything that includes Demos / Evidence of Rule breaking. ( except for Admin Abuse reports )

From now on, Demo Reviewers are not allowed to reply on Admin Abuse reports as it will be fully handled by Server Managers ++ of the specific server.

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
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