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LS Skully

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Hello all I'm here to tell you a little announcement abut placing LM's that you shouldn't do let me get into full detail, I'm sorry but I can't tolerate this anymore you cant place LM's It don't matter if it breaks or not you do not PLACE LM like that "it's considering blocking and hard to break" If I catch you guys or any of our admin's you guys will be demoted faster than you think, So please as a reminder DO NOT PLACE LM'S like this 

Search in sidebar query

If I see ANY of you guys Doing this you will be banned directly and demoted DO not EVER do this.

and admins please warn them and tell them to remove it, if you don't do your job or not telling to remove it you will be demoted right out of bat no questions asks.

@Admin @Server Assistant  Obey the rules or get banned or demoted 

Thanks and have great day!

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