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FPS Increase [Legitimate Tutorial]


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Hello Everyone!


Today I will be showing you on how to get an FPS Increase through any server in CS 1.6.


Step 1. Lets start up by Downgrading Your Drivers.


1). Go right click on Computer [shown in Desktop].


2). Click Properties/Device Manager/Display Adapters.


3). Right click on your current Graphics Driver.


4). Click Properties/Driver/Update Driver.


5). Now click on "Browse my Computer for Driver Software"/"Let me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on my Computer".


6). Now select the Graphics Card wherein its the Standard Form, Currently I have Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.





Note: If you have other than Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, I am sure you have Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, if you have nothing other than that, then this tutorial is useless.


7). Now click Next [Driver Begins to Download].


Note: What this does is the graphics will be on the Lowest State, including CS 1.6, additionally your screen resolution will not be completed base on your maximum Aspec Ratio, but that's okay because it doesn't affect your performance or give a malicious result or whatsoever its normal.


8). Restart Your Computer [To Avoid Corruption of Graphics Drivers].


Step 2. Change Counter-Strike's Render


1). When you will launch CS 1.6, I am pretty sure you will have a Notification wherein it says...





[Continuation] This often happens, because before you have updated your drivers you have left the render to OpenGL in this case its now in Standard State and OpenGL/D3D doesn't support this Graphics Card, don't worry we have Software Compatible, additionally you will only have this notification if you are a Non-Steam Player.


2). Press OK [if Ever]


3). Check if Render is already set to Software Mode if it isn't changed to Software Mode then change the render to Software, if it is set to Software Mode already, then congrats your done, check for fps improvement, hopefully this works.


Note: You might have a problem with your Crosshair because you don't have the accurate aim for shooting, however there is a fix for that type in console "Viewsize 120", Your Done.





Additional Information: All gl_ commands will not work because the render is on Software not OpenGL, if you have any questions feel free to reply down below.

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hi how about d3d cause we have opengl, when opengl is enabled the cs would crash or laggy

D3D is an alternative for OpenGL, it will give less visuals in-game thus this will increase your fps a little bit, but try and refer from the tutorial


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