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Everything to be summed up


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Hello, let me be quick about this because there will be a lot of things to talk about;


@Demo Reviewer

from now on, Demo reviewers are going to be rewarded 5000 XP and 5000 AP for each 20 reports they handle, either the reports are clean/dirty.

You guys, can claim your rewards in one of the servers, by making a topic in offtopics sections, organized as follows:

TITLE: Demo Reviewer Award Claim



Links to all the 20 reports:...



There is a manager for each section in this community, including servers or ranks, and they are as follows,

ZP managers: @rug , @LS Skully & @scody

ZE manager: @Nuage 

ZI manager: @Gmx

JB manager: @Natsheh

Demo Reviewers Manager: @carl

Mappers manager: @Lux

Designers manager: @Kuro



This rank is going to be removed, switching it to Forums Moderator.


@Server Assistant

Server Assistants are now having more access and more power, in the servers they are are assisting only, including giving AP/ XP, but you guys are stricted of using it, except of giving your selves AP and XP,  you can only use it on people who want to claim their AP, DO NOT GIVE AP or XP FOR FREE TO RANDOMS ! THIS WILL GET YOU DEMOTED !

The commands are :


crxranks_give_xp "Name" "Amount"


zp_giveap "Name" "Amount"


Topic To Be Continued...


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