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Start learning Mapping in CS 1.6


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Hello everyone, 

In this topic I want show you all how I learnt mapping and explain you everything.



First of all we need an application to start mapping, here I bring the most popular ones:

Jack Hammer Editor --> J.A.C.K is a brand new level editor for games as CS 1.6 with a quake-style BSP architecture. The aim is to develop a convenient cross-platform tool capable incorporating the best features. You can download in website and in steam, in steam cost money, bring more updates but I personally don't recommend it, also I got some information from old mappers and they don't even recommend neither. Link to download it through the Official Website --> (Click here) (I personally recommend this application, and this is the one I use)



Valve Hammer Editor --> Valve Hammer Editor (more informally known as Hammer, and previously called Worldcraft) is the official mapping tool for the GoldSrc and Source engines (which most newer Valve games run render). Link to download it through the Official Website --> (Click Here


Then, when you have installed the application you will have to configure it and also configurate the compilation tools, there are some compilers (I use the default one, GoldScr) , we will talk about this below, when we have configured the application.


In this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4bsFHXSRug) you have how to configure it. At the min 5:32, the option Model Viewer is not obligatory !! It is just if you have any model viewer, like Jed's Model Viewer, to make models and then a program to look at them, but forget this. In the description of the video you have the links of the files you have to download to configure it. Furthermore, you can see from the min 10:57 some J.A.C.K Features. Is similar to Valve Hammer Editor , so you can see the tutorial I have droped below. This is how I have configurated the directories: image.thumb.png.2ccad91c836e7594462effa1c755c82b.png




In this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc50_YHTD-k) shows how to setup Valve Hammer Editor. To get started , when you have done the configuration CLICK THIS LINK to get started to know how to make maps, boxes , some kind of shapes etc...



What are wads?

Wads are the textures you apply for a map. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6miLv839Fvc There you have a tutorial how to use custom WADS and how to make them. In the video you should have seen about how to make a map, will show you how to put a texture. When you download an application and configure it, it will bring default Counter-Strike WADS (Textures).



COMPILER APPLICATIONS: (As I mentioned before, I compile it with J.A.C.K Hammer Editor))


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR6ci39QCZU (Batch compiler Application)

J.A.C.K Hammer Editor --> You should have to go: File > Run > Save map in the folder you want > Will appear a "menu", Click in normal mode > Press Ok > Go to the Game > In console type map "map name" and it should appear.

This is the menu that should appear 



Guys I hope you understand my tutorial, I will be dropping more tutorials about more stuff and also, for sure about Mapping.

@Lux@so shut up BOIIf I didn't mention something important please tell me and I will edit in this topic.




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