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How To Spot a Hacker


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Hi everyone,

Great Players vs. Hackers - Represent the two extremes of the Counter-Strike player spectrum.

On one end we have the Pro, who each and every one of us should aspire to be like; On the other end we have the Hacker, who sinks to the lowest end of the Counter-Strike community as a cheater.


There is no easy way to say this, but the best way to spot a hacker is by getting good at Counter-Strike yourself.

If you are good at Counter-Strike, then you naturally know what to look for, and more importantly, the skill of the player in question.


"Game recognizes game." - simple as that.


Moving on, here are some things I look for to differentiate the Pros from the Hackers.



How to Recognize a Counter-Strike Pro: The GOOD.


Steam ID (4-7 digits):
I know it is unfair to discriminate the number of digits in someone's SteamID, but the truth is, many 4-7 digit SteamID players are very pro at Counter-Strike as they have been playing for awhile. They also know how valuable their SteamID's are, and generally will not hack. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule; but this is a good rule of thumb.

Players who crouch-run/bunny-hops are usually very pro. They do it so much that it becomes 2nd nature to them. It is just a bad habit they have;

Far-range shooting pattern:
2-3 shot controlled bursts, while strafing left and right between shots. Most pros shoot like this far-ranged. (They might spray up-close which is okay.) If you do not see this 2-3 shot burst strafe-shooting pattern, and the player is just standing in one place getting kills from far-range quickly time-and-again, there is a good chance the player uses aim-bot.

Walking with their gun pointed at head-level:
This should be self-explanatory. The mark of a seasoned veteran.

Playing with headphones, walking around the map:
This is a minor point, but I have seen hackers running everywhere on the map. They have too much confidence in their hacks to walk.

Knowing all the map's angles/corners:
Pros know every angle on the map and would wait at key choke-points with their guns pointed at head-level. Their knowledge of CS is very thorough.


How to Recognize a Counter-Strike Hacker: The BAD.



New Steam ID (8-9 digits):
Again, I know it is unfair to discriminate SteamID's, but most hackers buy new Steam accounts to hack on that is not their main.

Steam_ID_LAN, HLTV, VALVE_ (11 Digits and Above):
Simple. It's the majority of the CS demographic these days. Players who use non-steam client have nothing to lose by triggering the VAC while using cheats.

Walking with their gun pointed down at the ground:
This is a sure sign of a new player. In addition, if they get a Kill-Death ratio that is too high, your gut instincts should tell you that something smells fishy...

Scanning enemies through walls (Wall-hack):
If you see the player in question scanning enemies through walls in a peculiar way, they have wall-hacks.

Instant-aiming/spray (Aim-bot):
Aimbot nowadays can either aim at the head or chest. Their cross-hair will usually "jump" to the hit-box of the chest/head of the enemy. More than often this particular hack will make the users screen shake and jump as they fire a weapon. (Note: Hackers could tune their aim-bot to aim at the chest instead of the head in a sad attempt to cover-up their aimbot. Be weary of this.)

This is also self-explanatory, the player will run throughout any place on the map at an incredible speed. Very easy to recognize.

Play-style inconsistency (Toggler):
Some hackers attempt to cover up their hacks very well. They might take their 2-3 kills per round, and then toggle their hacks off. Hackers are weary not to be the last one left on their team, as everyone will be spectating them. They might even appear friendly on chat! but you shouldn't let this deceive you. Hacking ruins the game for everyone else besides the hacker! Report him.



In Summary:

Pros have a more active, sharper and passive play-style than the lazier aggressive hacker.

You can see this when you spectate them - the Pros, who constantly check corners, walk around the map, positioning themselves after an engagement, etc., versus the Hackers, who seem to know where everybody is located on the map at all times.

I hope this guide helps you.




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I like this, very detailed well done inf. Plus am i considered as a hacker or a pro all i get is headshots kills 

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