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How to make and share a screenshot


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In this tutorial you will learn how to make and share a screenshot from Counter Strike 1.6

Snapshot is an image made into Counter-Strike. There are 2 ways to take a snapshot:


1) Making a bind (used to take images while playing)

Type bind f5 "snapshot" on your console and press Enter


Then when you press F5 you will make a snapshot


2) Typing snapshot in console and pressing Enter (used to take images of your console)



The snapshots will have the name of the map that you were playing when you took snapshot example de_dust20000, de_dust20001, de_dust20003 and so on. If you took snapshot from the console without being in a server/map the name will be like Snapshot0000.


Snapshots are located in cstrike, a folder inside Counter-Strike folder:


1) For Steam Users


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike


2) Non Steam:


Right click in the game shortcut and click on "Open file location", if it doesn't work search for the Counter-Strike folder in C:\ or C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files.


Now to share this snapshot, you just need to upload it on a website, for example www.imgur.com, and follow the process again (copy the image and paste the image).


Print Screen?

Its simply a image from your computer's screen. Keyboards have a key called "PrtScr" or "PrtSc" that when you press it, you will "copy" a image of your screen. So you just need go to the famous Microsoft Paint and paste. On microsoft Paint you can edit this image as you want.

Then if you want to share this image, upload to a website such www.imgur.com and follow the simple process again (copy image and paste).





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