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Steps to Report a Rule Breaker/Scripter!


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If someone asked you "What I have to do when I find a Rule Breaker or Scripter", Just send him this topic and he will know!

Meet the steps!!

First thing: Go to Spectator

Click on "Y" and Type /Spec and you will join Spectator


Second thing: Click on Ctrl and look for Rule Breaker/Scripter's Name


And you will See this!

and open Players Menu bandicam_2021-06-09_22-52-13-307.jpg


Then Search for the Rule breaker or Hacker

3rd Thing: Record Demo

No need to use any Recorder/Program

CS is already have record command


Type on console: Record [Name]

Example: Record Adam

and Record will start, Record the player who cheats or breaks the rules...

Then Type Stop on console and the record will Stop.


 Fourth Thing: Take Rule Breaker's/Scripter's VALVE/STEAM ID

Open the Console Then Type Status

And you will see VALVE/STEAM ID all players!


For Example: That is My Valve ID

You must copy it

Fifth Thing: Take Demo

Click on MOUSE2, Then Choose "Open File Location"


Then open CStrike


Then you will your Demo


EDITED: How to view your Demo

First: Open Console and Type:

View demo [Name]

Example: View demo Adam



Then the demo will start after Seconds


After Seconds will start!

Last Thing: Make a report topic!

Here: https://lsgamerz.net/application/form/6-report-cheatersbehaviour/

I hope my tutorial helped you!!


Here I will leave screenshots, so that the players Counter Strike Steam, locate the "demo"


@ Members @Trial Admin

It has been renewed and added all together 😜

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1 hour ago, Queen said:

No need to use any Recorder/Program

Sometimes you do, just incase you aint recording at that moment you can use geforce experience or medal.tv to get a quick 30s or 1min clip and this could help admins aswell but the step where you click CTRL i dont think thats really necessary as you could just use your mouse click to spec people but you guys do you.

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Any queries please pm me or message me on discord bk.#0001

ZP Server Assistance/ Demo Reviewer


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