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DarKieX Report Cheaters/Behaviour


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  • Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker
  • Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID
  • Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?
    Zombie Escape
  • Description of hack or rule being broke
    idk if his using script or hack but barlog 11 doesnt knockback him. is this a hack or script.
  • Proof/demo of the offense being made
  • Proof 2:
  • Proof 3:
  • Additional details needed for our DR team to review
    nothing else. just watch it



4th sea aniv.jpg


If you have question or need help you can.

Contact me on my Discord Angelica7#4200

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This isnt the First time @Nastycamper there is similar report I replied earlier with same issue. Balrog knockback doesn't work on him idk if he is using glitch cuz He still gets knockback from other weapons.  

#Dirty for me

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Hi‚ demo looks dirty. That's weird because balrog knnockback doesn't work on him but it worked on the other nemesis looks like he is using glitch.







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