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Events hosted by Infinity (ZP)


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Hello Lost Souls !

@InFiNiTyy has started hosting a "VIP-rewarding" event from time to time, Every event will be announced through discord with details (Mode, time, rewards..).

Today's event will be a  "Nightmare Mode Event" in the map "zm_ls_dustc", the winner of the VIP access will be the player with the highest score at the end of the map. The players with the second and the third high scores will be winning 4000 AP, and 2500 AP.

The event's exact time will be announced via discord, please check is there! 

Enjoy !

@ Members   @Trial Admin @Server Admin @Head Admin @Server Manager

PS: Players from other servers than ZP are welcome ! And in case of winning, The VIP access can be activated in any server the winner wants.

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