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  1. wrong section to post this in. moved
  2. @DraGoon the map is perfect evryone likes the map you dont need to change anything good job keep up the work im looking forward to another map
  3. You can buy admin or you need all the requirements to be able to make a admin application. Kind Regards, Amnesia
  4. I decided to make a competition where people can win Free vip for 1 week! The competition is not pay2win so evryone is even, fair shot at VIP for evryone. The competition is Starting as of Today 04/06/2019 until 18/06/2019 The rules of the competition are simple. You post as much screenshots as you want. You can use any gun you want, the point is to get as much Total Damage as possible! Total damage as survivor or with arma mode does not count! Take a screenshot of your total damage and post it in this thread. NOTE: Your total damage dissapears if you stop doing damage for a couple seconds so make sure you keep shooting those zombies! The 2 people with the highest amount of damage dealt wins 1 week Free VIP! GOOD LUCK TO EVRYONE! Ranking System 1. Tony Montana - 65427 2. Smile - 20483 3. Empty - 5418 4. DiceKing - 1184 King Regards, Amnesia
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